My name is Kimi and I created this blog as a way to share various ideas, struggles, inspiration, frustrations and connect with other like-minded individuals who are trying to live active, healthy lives and want to share and discuss information.

I am a runner, but over the last couple of years I have had a few challenges that have held my fitness and running back. I injured my foot. Doctors thought it would heal on it’s own. Then I got pregnant! Which was wonderful and exciting but presented it’s own challenges with fitness. My foot never healed on it’s own and so 8 months after giving birth I had a foot surgery. Starting this blog I am 7 1/2 months out of surgery, 15 1/2 months from giving birth and just now starting to feel like I can run comfortably again (slowly and only for short distances).

Please follow along as I work back into running and share various recipes, book reviews, product reviews, or any other thoughts I have related to health, wellness, and healing.


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