Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Zoo to Natural History Museum)

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Yesterday I ran a 3.5 mile section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in my NEW ALTRA SHOES! I was so excited to get new shoes I had to try them out. I will do a proper review of the shoes in a later post, for today I wanted to just talk about the run itself.

For those of you who have never run the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (or the BST for short), it’s a long trail that runs over 100 miles through Utah with plans to expand to 280 miles from the Idaho border to Nephi, Utah! You can see more information and maps of the trail by clicking this link.

The section of trail I ran started across the street from Hogle Zoo (this link will give you directions to the zoo, trailhead is across the street). There’s a small dirt parking lot. From there you will see a big steep trail going up the hill. That’s where I started. Don’t worry most of the trail is more rolling up and down but not so steep.

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A Fork in the Trail



If you’ve never run on the BST before, I highly recommend going with someone who has for your first time. The trail forks A LOT and if you aren’t paying attention it’s easy to take the wrong trail back.





20180809_081011 - Copy


When you reach this gate about a mile from the parking lot, it forks in two directions. You can take either path because they parallel each other and come back together a little before you reach the Natural History Museum.

However, the trail on the right does have more trails that branch off of it and head up the hills, so to avoid accidentally going the wrong direction I might suggest taking the left fork.





natural history museum
Natural History Museum of Utah

Pretty soon you will run up on the Natural History Museum. Just inside the doors to the left are bathrooms and a water fountain should you be in need of these facilities.


The trail does continue on by crossing the street, but at this point I turned back. My watch (which isn’t GPS, so not exactly accurate) said I had gone 1.7 miles at this point.


20180809_080617 - Copy
Another Fork in the Trail


On my way back I followed the Right path when I reached this fork. It’s easy to spot¬†because of the big yellow sign with the number 174. This is the same two paralleling paths that meet back up at the gate from earlier.








20180809_081200 - Copy
Look for Trail Signs

One tip for not getting lost is to follow these trail signs. Unfortunately there is not a sign at every fork in the trail, but generally these signs will keep you from going completely off the official BST. I didn’t mention them earlier because I don’t think it’s foolproof. However it is a good reassurance that you’re still in the right place.


  • Route: Across from Hogle Zoo to the Natural History Museum, Out and Back.
  • Distance: 3.5 miles (roughly)
  • Time: 45 minutes Running and Walking, no breaks.


Happy Trails!

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