Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Terrace Hills to City Creek)

This week I had the pleasure of running with Sadie on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from the Terrace Hills trailhead west to City Creek. As with any section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, PAY ATTENTION as you head out to all the little forks in the trail so you can find your way back. It can be tricky the first time or two and you may want to go with someone who knows the trail. But these are pretty heavily trafficked trails and you can probably find someone to point you in the right direction if you lose your way. Also, the city is never far from view so it would be pretty hard to get completely lost.

To get to the trailhead, follow directions here.





There are two trailheads at the end of this cul de sac. I took the one on the West side of the road to head west toward City Creek







Water Fountain




What I love about this trailhead is the water fountain for both people and dogs! It’s so nice to know that at the end of the run I will have easy access to water for Sadie. The little fountain pool is big enough that in the summer she can climb right in and cool herself down.





The trail heads up the hill with a switch back. At the top of the hill is a water tower. You will come up on this water tower pretty quick, about a quarter mile in. You will want to go LEFT at the tower to keep heading in a westward direction.

Water Tower
Fork in the Trail



A little further down the trail you will come to a fork. It will appear that going left will take you down the steep side of a hill and going right will take you toward a small patch of trees. You definitely want to go RIGHT down the more steady hill. It will take you on a switchback through a few trees (a rarity on this stretch of trail)





Once past the trees you will come into a large open field. The trail will run up through the middle of the field and up a small hill on the other side.





At the top of this hill you will come to another crossroads. Here you will want to keep straight (and likewise on the way back, of course).


Just past this point you start steadily heading downhill to the City Creek trailhead.







I am going to be hones, this stretch of trail was not my favorite. It was quite rocky and steep in some places, and really narrow (cut down by mountain bikes into a deep groove) in other places, and I had to slow my pace significantly so I wouldn’t fall.

Other more seasoned trail runners may be able to keep a steady pace through this stretch, but I am kind of a baby and am afraid of falling! So yeah, wasn’t my fastest.




City Creek Trailhead


When you reach the bottom of the trail you will come out into an open space just before the road. This is the other trailhead, so you could choose to do this trail in reverse if you wanted to start at the City Creek side instead.

To get directions to this trailhead, click here.

This was my turnaround point.





Heading back up this hill was a bit of a slow slog. It can be steep and rocky as I said before and going back up was even slower than coming down for me.

Once you get back up to the field and go straight on to the switchback through the small patch of trees and reach the top, you will come to a fork again. Again you will want to stay RIGHT on the more level looking path instead of heading up the hill to the left.

Another Fork

A little further down the trail you will come up to the water tower again and you will go RIGHT to head back down the switchback and back to the trailhead.

The weather on this run was absolutely perfect. Chilly but sunny, around 40 degrees Farenheit. This would be a hard stretch on a hot summer day as it is almost entirely exposed with very little shade.

Also, keep in mind that this trail is frequented by mountain bikers. If you can’t run without music in your ears, at least keep one bud out so you can listen for approaching bikes.



  • Route: Bonneville Shoreline Trail Terrace Hill to City Creek, Out and Back
  • Distance: 3.7 miles
  • Time: 50 minutes Running and Walking, No Breaks.


Happy Trails!


  1. Hi Kimi. Great article. I went to Salt Lake City a couple years back for a conference. I had grand plans to run some of the trails over there but things didn’t work out. I only managed a few short runs around the city. It was awesome though. I hope to get back there one day to check them out. I’m from Australia, so it’s a bit of a trek 🙂

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