Bonneville Shoreline Trail (JCC to Dry Creek Overlook)

Last weekend I went on a fun, chilly run up Dry Creek with my dog Sadie. This run is a steady climb up to an overlook of the city, where I turned around and went back down. The last stretch is a bit steep but up to that point it is a pretty gradual climb.

The trail head where I started is up in the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center in Salt Lake City.





I parked in this parking lot because the hours only list Monday through Friday so I assume I am okay to park there on weekends. Pay attention to the JCC Parking Only signs. They really will ticket you for parking in their spots!








The trail head up just to the East of this lot around the side of the utility structure.

You can see the sidewalk leading up to the start of the trail by the rocks.




Head up the trail to the left and you will come up to an opening where the trail splits to go up a steep hill on a narrow path, or wraps around below on the wider path. Stay on the wide path below.

I failed to get a picture the day of my run and went back a few days later, so the snow had melted from the ground and trees





Just around this hillside you will see some signs for the trail going up a small canyon into some trees on a narrow path.












The trail conditions on this lightly snowy afternoon were not ideal. A thin layer of snow turns into muddy sludge spots throughout the trail. I much prefer the trail either dry or completely packed with snow. These muddy patches certainly slowed me down.






A about a 1.3 miles from the start of the trail parking lot you will round a corner and head up a steeper section of trail. This section is only about .2 miles and when you get to the top it will open up and give you a beautiful view down into the valley.


I can’t think of any other trail that can be accessed and ascended so quickly to get a fantastic view of the city. It is nice that there’s a little bit of a clearing here making it a natural spot to pause and enjoy the view while not blocking the trail for others who may be passing by.

This is the point where I turned around to head back to my car. I was a cold afternoon but I really don’t mind the cold when I can get out on a trail. My dog Sadie feels the same way.




  • Route: Bonneville Shoreline Trail JCC parking lot to Dry Creek Overlook
  • Distance: 3.2 miles
  • Time: 39 minutes Running


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