Sorbitol Reintroduction: Avocado

I have been following the strict guidelines for the low FODMAP diet, and in addition I have been avoiding other common trigger foods:

  • Fried Food
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol

I feel like my symptoms have been under control for at least a couple of weeks now and so it’s time to start the complicated reintroduction phase.

There’s no hard and fast rule to which category of FODMAPs to reintroduce first, but my dietitian recommended I hold off on reintroducing lactose until one of the later ones, simply because I already know I don’t tolerate this well. She also thought I should save gluten until one of the last things since it is a pretty common senstitivity.

I decided I would start with Avocado. I love avocado and had high hopes that I wouldn’t have any symtoms when reintroducing this food.

Here are the general instructions for the reintroduction phase:

First, make sure you have been following the low FODMAP diet long enough that your symptoms are under control.

Next, you will reintroduce the FODMAP into your diet by selecting one high FODMAP food of that catergory to eat in increasing amounts over three days. It is best to eat the food earlier in the day. Be sure to keep a diary of any and all symptoms during this time. More on this below.

Last, you go back to a strick low FODMAP diet for three days following. Continue to add notes in your diary of any/all symptoms that occur. Some symptoms have a delayed onset and so it is important to continue to pay attention to how you feel and be sure to go back onto a full low FODMAP diet.

Here are the specifics for reintroduction of Sorbitol with Avocado:

Day 1: 1/4 of a small avocado (40g)

1/4 of a small avocado

Day 2: 1/2 of a small avocado (80g)

1/2 of a small avocado

Day 3: 3/4 of a medium avocado (120g)

3/4 of a medium avocado

If you trigger symptoms on the first or second day you do not need to keep going with increased amounts. You can be sure that this FODMAP is not a good option for you.

Because I like to be exact, and there was too much ambiguity in “1/4 of a small avocado”, I was sure to use my kitchen scale to measure out the exact weight indicated.

kitchen scale to measure in grams

I regret to admit that on the third day with the large portion of the avocado I did experience unwanted symptoms. The first two days went fairly well and I thought I was in the clear with this one. I think this will be one that I am able to tolerate in small amounts but really need to be careful with portion size. Luckily I didn’t trigger symptoms on the first day.

Next week I will repeat this pattern with sweet potatoes to test the mannitol FODMAP.


  1. Interesting! I’m trying avocado atm for my sorbitol reintroduction and am currently on day 2 with no/ minimal symptoms. really keeping my fingers crossed I get through the third day ok!

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