Surgery Follow-up

Yesterday was my two week follow-up for my laparoscopy surgery. I must admit I was a total stress case leading up to this appointment. I barely slept the night before.

I was particularly worried that the doctor would say I was a high risk for ectopic pregnancy based on the blocked tube, and that he’d recommend IVF as the safest way to have another pregnancy.

There was also another detail I didn’t share before because it is kinda tricky to describe and talk about. This one might be TMI for some – so skip the next two paragraphs if you don’t want to read about my lady parts 😉

I had a complication giving birth to my daughter and my placenta didn’t come out. They had to manually extract it (this means reaching up in and tearing it out with their hands). Oh and they’d already stitched me up before they realized the placenta wasn’t coming out, so they had to un-stitch me to do the extracting and then re-stitch me. So extra trauma to my lady parts. I was left with one particular band of tissue that was extra tight and wouldn’t stretch. It sometimes made, ahem, ‘intimacy’ uncomfortable. Not so bad that I would have done anything about it except that the thought of giving birth again with the band of tissue that wont stretch made me fear the worst with excessive tearing. So I inquired about somehow snipping it to loosen it up while I am already under anesthesia.

The doctor agreed that he could loosen it up during surgery for me and this was a good choice. It never occurred to me that this could cause my recovery to take longer. That I would have to wait longer before we could TTC. It only really occurred to me a few days ago when I was trying to feel the stitches there. I was worried we’d have to wait another 6 weeks or longer and not be able to try for a few more cycles. I already felt like it’s a race against time before my endometriosis starts coming back and interfering again.

So I had a lot of worries going in, but Here’s what the doctor actually said:

The one tube that is “blocked” might not actually be blocked. He said he couldn’t get any dye into the tube at all which could indicate that it was having a spasm, which sometimes happens with dye tests. If it is a blockage it is right on the opening where the uterus is and this is much less risky for ectopic pregnancy than if the blockage was closer to the ovary side. So he thinks I am low risk for ectopic pregnancy! Yay!

One of my ovaries is stuck to the sidewall of the uterus. This is caused by endometriosis and he wasn’t able to do anything to loosen it up. Apparently the ureter (tube that connects kidney to bladder) was running right through the tissue as well and if he accidentally snipped that tube trying to snip the other tissue, I’d lose my kidney. Yikes! So better to leave it as is. He says the ovary will still produce and release eggs even if it is stuck – so no effect on fertility there.

This was all good news. However, the other worry was a valid one. He did say that I needed to wait a bit longer before TTC but he thought I could give it a try in a couple more weeks. So really we may only lose one cycle before we are cleared for TTC. This wasn’t the best news but I feel okay about it. He also said that, overall, my endometriosis wasn’t too bad. It definitely came back but not as quickly as I feared.

So before I felt like I was in a race against time before the endometriosis came back to interfere again, but now I feel a little, teensy bit better about it. My focus now is to continue to follow an anti-inflammatory diet to help keep the endometriosis away and to control my SIBO issues, and otherwise stay healthy and just let things happen as they may.

If anyone has tips on staying zen through stressful situation please pass them my way!

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  1. Hi Kimi, i just read your Posts and must say it all sounds quite positive. I would recommend you to try and focus on other things (hobbies, work, stuff you like, a blog,…) in these stressful times. I know it’s hard because I am in the same situation. Hope does the anti inflammatory diet work for you? Are you not drinking alcohol and coffee at all?
    I just started a blog myself on trying to get pregnant sigh endometriosis, so please follow me at all the best to you and good luck TTC! Emmanuelle

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