Sober Curious

Yesterday I decided to start a sober challenge. Last month a friend of mine inspired me with her 100 days alcohol free commitment. I dragged my feet a bit but have been thinking about it ever since.

Another friend convinced me to wait until after Super Bowl Sunday, haha. Her team made it in and she was throwing a party to watch the game at her house.

Then I waited one extra day just because.

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But there’s no time like the present! So yesterday was day 1. Why wait for the beginning of a week, or a month or a year? Start whenever you are inspired.

Along with being alcohol-free, I am going to stick to the diet that my GI doctor and dietitian have recommended for me. The Low Fodmap diet plus no coffee, chocolate or fried foods. I originally wrote about this here.

I know I feel 1000x better when I stick to eating the foods I am supposed to eat, and avoid the foods that trigger my symptoms. It is just so hard over the holidays, and then we had planned other outings that involved drinking, and had family birthday parties that involved dinners that I had no control over. But all of those sounds like excuses now.

I am done with excuses. I can’t wait to see how great I feel when I am at 100 days.


  1. You go girl! My theme for the year this year is No Excuses. It’s funny how we can always justify something to ourselves even when we know it’s bad for us. I wonder why that is? I really feel like my brain lets me down sometimes. Honestly, life as a parent is so busy you will barely notice the days ticking over most of the time. I’m always here if you are feeling sluggish with it x

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    • Thanks! You should post about it here too. I was going to link to your post and then I saw that you haven’t written about it here – just on Insta 🙂 Anyway. I am glad you gave me the idea to do this.

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  2. Hi Kimi, thanks for the post. I’ve been trying to figure out how to train myself to do regular posts on my blog. I’ve been especially delinquent on posting an update regarding my foray into the low FODMAP jungle.

    My first thought about your post is that you might be setting yourself up for failure. I hope I’m wrong, but you’re asking a lot of yourself. The only reason I am able to keep up with the diet is I get to treat myself once in a while with low FODMAP dark (>62% cacao) chocolate. I gave up alcohol for digestive reasons many years ago and it was super hard on its own. The social implications of what we eat and drink are HUGE. That is only one of the difficulties. It takes time to train the people around you that it’s no big deal. But, maybe you’re the type of person who is better with bigger challenges.

    One tip my dietitian gave me: stash low FODMAP stacks everywhere (purse, car, friends house) in case you’re stuck someplace and can’t get any.

    I absolutely wish you the best luck and remember not to be too hard on yourself if it proves too much of a challenge.


    • I struggle more when I tell myself I can have cheat days, or treats once in a while. It’s a very slippery slope for me. The plan is to definitely go alcohol free for the full 100 days. I admit that 100 days of strict low Fodmap is a bit much. Once I am feeling better in a few weeks I will likely go through the reintroductions again to add some variety, carefully, back into my diet. This is how the diet is designed so I don’t feel like that would be cheating on the challenge. I just know that I am not even close to where I want/need to be. Time for change!

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  3. So pleased your giving it a go and really interested to hear the effects it has on you. It took me about a week for the body and the exercise to adjust. I think the big difference has been coffee. Since I cut it out my symptoms have improved. Two weeks ago I had my first coffee (milky) in ages. Within hours the IBS was back. A couple of days later symptoms started to ease. Not sure I can blame the milk as I’ve had a little bit of milk every so often with no effect. The secret I think is to work out a treat to replace what’s lost. Find something you really like and that’s your go to for the tough times. Really good luck.

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  4. Good luck! I think you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel overall, even if you weren’t an excessive drinker. I look forward to reading about your journey.

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    • Hey! Good on the sober part. But this quarantine is kicking my ass. I’ve also been busy and crazy and not checking in on my blog as much as I’d like. But there’s a new post now about it if you care to read. Thanks for checking in and sorry for the delayed response!


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