100 Days plus 100 More

100 days sober! I did it! Tomorrow I will reward myself with one drink. Probably something with gin. I learned a lot doing this little challenge and I reflected on it on day 75 in this post here.

By husband recently finished his Executive MBA. It felt like a busy couple of years and I am so glad he is done. So glad that I promptly applied for graduate school myself. In the Professional MBA program (not quite as rigorous as the executive program, but designed for working professionals). So maybe we’re a little nuts around here and thrive on being busy. I guess we will see how it goes because I just got accepted!

I was thinking about how busy I am going to be in school and how I’d like to be pretty healthy at the start of the program as I likely wont have as much time for exercise and meal planning. So 6 days ago I was wondering if I could go sugar free until my birthday on August 17th. So I did a quick calculation on May 8th to see if I started on May 9th how many days sugar free would that be. Well, wouldn’t you know it, it is exactly 100 days. So it felt like a sign. I gotta do it. So now as I am on my last day sober out of 100, I am on my 5th day sugar free out of 100!

I also wrote recently about the book “The Case Against Sugar” and said I wished it had been just a bit more inspiring, as it didn’t push me to stop eating the sugar while I was reading the book. I had to will myself to do this challenge. If you don’t know any of the research, I do recommend this book as a starting point to learn more about the misinformation around nutrition research.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for one day!


  1. Congrats on getting accepting into the MBA program! And on meeting the sober challenge you set for yourself. I’ve no doubt you’ll also meet the no-sugar challenge. I’m eager to read about your observations along that journey! You’re on a roll!

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    • Thank you! Going off sugar was a lot harder than alcohol when I did it a while back, but I think it’s better under control now and I will have fewer withdrawal symptoms. At least I hope so!


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